18 May 2015

Sugar & Spice (And Everything Nice!)

I had grand plans for that unassuming little envelope. When my midwife called to tell me the results were in, my heart rate increased and I'm pretty sure I started sweating. I was standing on the corner of 84th street and 3rd avenue when I listened to the voicemail. I called back and asked if they could put it in an envelope so Tiho and I could pick it up together and decide how and when to find out.

Needless to say, I lasted approximately 20 minutes once we obtained it from the office two days later. At first, I thought we'd take it to our local bakery and have them make us a "strawberry" or "blueberry" cake. I also considered the idea of bringing it to the florist and having them make us a "pink peony" or "blue hydrangea" bouquet. Once I had that envelope in my hands though, I was done. I told Tiho, "Okay, let's drive to the Baby GAP by our house and we can open it in the parking lot and then we'll go inside and pick out a cute little girl or boy outfit!" So that's exactly what we did. Because apparently, I have zero patience.

Won't our little GIRL look so cute in her white eyelet dress?! We sure think so. :)


P.S. Literally almost everyone I know was convinced I was having a boy. I had a strong "girl" intuition since we found out we were expecting, but kept second guessing myself since everyone else said boy.

P.P.S: Ironically, I told my class of Pre-Kindergartners that there was a baby in my belly early last week and then they all voted whether they thought it was a boy or girl. 11 out of the 13 said girl, which means young kids have way stronger intuition than grown-ups (I already know this to be true). I brought the dress all wrapped up in a box to school on Friday to open in front of them. After the reveal, they clapped, cheered and then unanimously named the baby "Rosie Doorknob Sweetie Pie."

P.P.P.S. Some fun old wives tales and how they applied to me:

1). Craving fruit and sweets? Girl. Craving protein and salty things? Boy. Team GIRL over here.

2). Early heart rate above 140? Girl. Below 140? Boy? Team BOY over here.

3). A toddler paying special random attention to you means that the baby you're carrying is of the opposite sex. This happened to me THREE different times by three little boys on the street, which is obviously team GIRL.

4). Chinese Gender Predictor: This one claims over 90% accuracy, but it was wrong for me. My dates indicated BOY.

5). Nausea/morning sickness: not too much? Boy. A whole heck of a lot? Girl. Team GIRL on this one. My morning sickness was actually afternoon & night sickness. For awhile, I was going to bed at 6 PM just to ward it off.

We can't wait to meet you, baby girl. You are already so loved.

15 May 2015

High Five!

1). This guy. Because I don't know how I would have survived the past few months without him. He'll be such a wonderful father.

 2). (More) greenery. Because I'm a fan of bringing nature indoors whenever possible.

3). This wooden dresser. Because we finally upgraded from good ole Ikea and I feel like a real grown-up.

4). Stroller navigating. Because even though we won't be purchasing one for at least a few more months, it's fun to practice on your friend's baby.

5). This envelope. Because new technology/early blood tests determine the sex of your baby at only 12 weeks. Any guesses?!

High five to these five, and happy weekend to you!

10 May 2015

The Glorious Life Force

I am elated to finally share our news with you: we're having a baby! Due Thanksgiving 2015.

I read the above quotation this morning (Mother's Day) and thought it exquisitely fitting.

An act of infinite optimism: yes, indeed. Bring on the adventure!

30 March 2015

Barcelona: A Photo Journal

Ah, Barcelona. It's only taken me nine months to get these up. I'm finally motivated to make a printed album of our travel photos from last summer, so voila! At the bottom of the post, I'll include a short list of recommendations. We were in Barcelona for 5 days in June and it was about as close to perfect as you can get. I never expected to feel so inspired by Spain, but something about the colors, the food, the people, the architecture...I could go on and on. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Can't miss sites:

Park Guell (previously blogged here);
Sagrada Família (buy tickets to climb to the top. The views are totally worth it);
The views, live music & evening light shows at Magic Fountain of Montujuic;
La Rambla;
Poble Espanyol (a beautiful open-air museum and village);
La Boquería (the JUICES!);
The Gothic Quarter;
Paella & seafood at a beachside restaurant in Barceloneta (we tried several, but especially loved Can Majo;
Tapas & Sangria anywhere outdoors. :)

There was so much to see and do just by strolling and getting lost. One of my favorite afternoons involved Tiho and I wandering around the Gothic Quarter together, popping in and out of tiny boutiques and cafés. I don't typically buy much in the way of souvenirs while traveling but I couldn't resist purchasing a set of beautiful cobalt blue bowls from a local pottery shop. We've used them almost every day for the past year.

We rented a three-bedroom apartment through Airbnb because we were meeting up with Tiho's parents, brother and his brother's girlfriend. Our apartment came equipped with a kitchen, balcony and laundry and was conveniently located on a side street off La Rambla and walking distance (literally, one block) to La Boquería. I loved this location because of how accessible it was to so many different areas of the city, including the water.

Barcelona, you were so good to us. Until next time!

P.S. Iceland, London, and Paris.

[Photos: June 2014 // Barcelona, Spain]

27 March 2015

The Week's End + Online Reccs

I woke up early this morning for an appointment and was almost immediately lulled back to sleep by the rain hitting the window. I've had these past two weeks off from work (the perks of teaching in a private school--spring break for half of March!), and my plan for the remainder of the day involves organizing my closet, laying in bed with a book and cup of tea, and taking an afternoon stroll into town for dinner provisions, flowers and a manicure. Life is rough, I know. :)

I took this photo last week when I was visiting my mom for a few days on the Cape. We were driving home from the store when we--quite literally--stopped in our tracks in order to watch the sky do completely amazing tricks.

The other day, I was visiting my friend Elizabeth and her brand new squishy little baby, Thea. We were talking about blog-reading and offering suggestions based on the various sites we visit on a regular basis. I've been reading blogs for years (nearly the entirety of my twenties) and have whittled down my loyalty to a small handful. I used to be super into design blogs and now only follow one or two. Same goes for food and fashion blogs. I feel like most people read what interests them based on wherever they are in life. At least that's true for me. Here's 20 current favorites below:

Coffee + Crumbs
Camp Patton
Where My Heart Resides
Tulips & Flightsuits
Mockabee 7
Babyccino Kids
Love Taza
Practising Simplicity

Emily Henderson
Yellow Brick Home
Smitten Studio

Wit + Delight
Design for Mankind
Reading My Tea Leaves
Hither & Thither
Cup of Jo
Laken B. Nix
Oh Joy!

Sprouted Kitchen

Making Room

Bonus...10 instagrammers I love: @angelahardison, @ameliamarthelia, @childhoodunplugged, @kaeyelch, @amandajanejones, @mamawatters, @courtneyadamo, @bythebrush, @pobke, @alice_gao

Any must-read online favorites I should check out?

Here's to a restful, fulfilling weekend for us all!

26 March 2015

Yoga in Brooklyn

Emma and I met up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn the other day so I could take a few updated portfolio shots of her doing her thing at one of the yoga studios where she teaches and in the surrounding neighborhood.

I am SO proud at how far she's come and what she's accomplished in the two short years since receiving her yoga teaching certification: she now teaches a variety of Vinyasa and Hot Power classes at four different studios in the city. I try to take her class as often as I'm able and always leave feeling restored. I mean, I know I'm biased, but she's an awesome instructor.

Check her out! She offers private sessions in addition to her regularly scheduled studio classes, so if you want to learn how to do that insane handstand up there, you can!

P.S. She will kill me for saying this, but I am constantly in awe of how she consistently maintains the edgiest personal style without even trying. She is effortlessly cool (and kind and funny and sweet and smart and beautiful and humble and honest-to-goodness, the best person I know).