01 August 2015

Hello, August!

A little bit of life lately, courtesy of my iPhone. Actually, not. My phone camera has been broken since late May. When I went to the Apple Store to get it fixed, there happened to be a three-hour wait when I had somewhere else I needed to be in two hours. So, for more than two months now, I've been stealing other people's phones to take photos and then sending them to myself. Priority item on August's agenda? Get the damn phone fixed while it's still under warranty!

Highlights from the past couple of weeks: Popsicles from Trader Joe's (pictured is the "fruit frenzy bar II" in grape, tangerine & blood orange...so delicious), farmers' market bouquets, Emma's birthday celebration involving a luxurious day at the spa (heaven), blueberries & peaches (just give me all of the fruit), a 22-week belly in my favorite dress, and dinners out with people I love, especially this guy.

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29 July 2015

Things I Like Right Now

I don't know what it is about this time of year, but I'm feeling especially greedy for ALL OF THE THINGS. Actually, I can identify the culprit: nesting mode is a very, very real thing and I'm totally succumbing to its influence.

From top to bottom, left to right:

1). A flutter sleeve top to dress the babe in next summer;

2). This braided up-do, because I'm trying to master how to appear stylish with my hair completely off my face & neck (humidity is no joke);

3). A sweet sentiment to hang in the bedroom, recently purchased from the MOMA store;

4). A new rug (and bold color palette!) in the living room. I keep imagining how much time we'll spend on the floor in the months to come and want to refresh the space.

5). This ceramic toast plate. Highly impractical, but adorable nonetheless.

6). Baby knits. Especially of the playsuit variety.

7). These woven placemats, because I'm tired of wiping the kitchen table down after every meal (shaking something out just sounds less arduous).

8). Chocolate espresso cinnamon rolls for when the temperatures dip and I can fathom actually turning the oven on.

9). A cozy, light-weight robe to curl up in this fall when nothing else in my wardrobe fits.

27 July 2015

Connecticut Wine Trail

I spent the weekend participating in bachelorette festivities with my some of closest friends from high school. Alyson, that gorgeous woman in blue up there, is getting married this October, so we celebrated with dresses and plentiful wine-consumption at an assortment of vineyards in southern coastal Connecticut. I myself did not sample more than a sip or two of a delicious crisp white (ahem, pregnant), but let me tell you, the creamy camembert cheese wrapped in puff pastry and served with salted caramel sauce and poached apples & pears was divine!

For those interested, we went to Chamard Vineyard and Gouveia Vineyard: I'd highly recommend both, although Chamard gains a few bonus points for the gourmet menu, engaging staff, friendly dog visitors and live music.

20 July 2015

A Natural Nursery

We aren't planning on moving out of our apartment for at least another year, which means baby will be sharing a room with us. Her "nursery" is really just the front corner of our bedroom. Our apartment is about 600 square feet, which obviously isn't large. However, it has high ceilings and giant windows in every room, making the whole place feel spacious and light-filled.

I put the following board together together to share my vision for what her space will become in the next few months.

We already purchased the wooden dresser in the spring: this is where we plan to store all of her clothing, blankets and diapers. I love decorating with baskets, and will create a small changing station atop the dresser with basket organizers for diapers/wipes/lotions and the keekaroo peanut changer in vanilla. I conducted what feels like exhaustive research on changing table pads and chose this one because it wipes clean and doesn't necessitate any extra laundry from additional fabric covers. Moreover, I appreciate the simplistic, modern design.

For the wall above the dresser, I'd like to hang a few pieces of art: I've been a long-time admirer of Sharon Montrose's baby animal prints (we already own the giraffe) and am thinking about purchasing one or two others to line up together. I'm obsessed with this metallic gold leaf garland and envision a simple gallery wall with the animal prints, garland, and, perhaps, a round, gold-toned mirror. I am enlarging some black & white photos from when Tiho and I were young and will likely frame those on a different wall in our bedroom. I especially adore this one of two-year-old Tiho in his toy car!

We aren't buying a crib until she's at least three months old. Instead, we're going the bassinet route (and who am I kidding, we'll be bed-sharing, too). I absolutely love the classic look of moses baskets and will order a rocking stand to turn it into a bedside bassinet. I am becoming a crazy person researching eco-friendly and organic mattresses and bedding for the moses basket. I can't decide if it's better to purchase everything separately, which is more cost-effective (basket, mattress, sheets, rocking stand, etc.) or just buy a set like this. We shall see. The moses basket set-up makes the most space-saving sense to me, since it can be repurposed for toy/blanket storage later on.

To round out the design, I included a few accessories I have my eye on: this adorable knitted teddy (made in France), a wooden toy camera (duh!), a plush play mat (Mary Meyer has so many cute options; I'm partial to the monkey and the lamb), a gorgeous heirloom knitted blanket, a tiny comb & brush set, and a white moroccan pouf to place in front of our glider (located in the living room).

All in all, I want to create a space that works well for both the baby and for us. My personal decorating tendencies lean in the direction of "classic natural:" I gravitate towards the same style for little ones. (Beeping, plastic monstrosities, be damned!).

I'll be sure to reveal the final result when it all comes together this fall.

14 July 2015

Grow, Baby, Grow: Twenty Weeks

How Far AlongTwenty Weeks. Halfway there, crazy!

Size of BabyA banana. (About 6.5 inches from head to rump, and 10 inches from head to toe. She weighs 10.2 oz).

Sex of BabyGirl, girl, girl. Ultrasound confirmed those early genetic tests. No penis in sight. :)

CravingsPopsicles, cheese & crackers, all fruit, orange juice, macaroni & cheese, rice pilaf, applesauce, salad.

Weight Gain5 lbs. Weight gain has been on the slow side, but baby is measuring on-track. My midwife says to expect a big jump in the next 4 weeks (an additional 6-8 lbs). 

Maternity ClothesLiving in the same few outfits, all of which are maternity. Tiho says I look fantastic because I'm wearing tight clothes to show off the belly. Ha!

Physical SymptomsStill experiencing random shooting tension up the back of my legs/hamstring: I call them "shooters."  Had a few more lightheadedness/near-fainting episodes, including one during my ultrasound (I think caused by too much time on my back and subsequent pressure on the spine). If I lay on my side, breathe slowly, and sip water, I'm usually fine within 10 minutes, although that sweaty, fuzzy, panicky feeling is never fun. And oh boy, newest development this week: sensitive, puffy gums! I need to go in for a deep cleaning at the dentist, which I'm dreading. All in all, nothing too major, and typical for this stage of pregnancy. Day-to-day, I feel awesome.

SleepUp at least twice a night to pee. Only sleeping on my sides, which has been difficult to get accustomed to. A pillow between my legs makes it more comfortable.

FearsChildbirth? I'm planning on going all-natural if possible, but can't let myself think too much about it or I get freaked out. We'll be taking a natural childbirth education class in September.

Baby's Developmental MilestonesAll the major parts are there! We think she has my nose based on the twenty-week ultrasound picture up there. I think she's adorable. Apparently, this is when babies begin developing specific tastes for certain foods based on what the mother ingests, so it's important I eat a well-rounded diet. She's probably going to love carbs and fruit. Tiho thinks I should eat lots of exotic things to optimize the chance of her developing an adventurous palate! 

General Mood & EmotionsSo happy. Also, so in love with my husband. I got teary the other day thinking about how we only have a few months left together as "just us." I went up and hugged him and started crying over it. I'm SO excited to meet our little girl but also really trying to stay present and enjoy this season of life before it changes forever.

Things I'm Looking Forward To:  Savoring these slow summer days. Feeling her little kicks and movements! Nesting. We're going fairly minimal in terms of baby gear, but I can't wait to start planning her "corner." My in-laws generously gifted us our stroller when they were visiting from Europe last week. We'll probably keep it in the box for a while longer due to space constraints, but I loved the process of researching, test-driving and picking it out.

Coolest Thing So FarWatching and feeling my belly expand. Standing naked in front of the mirror is my new favorite pastime. :)

12 July 2015

Cape Cod // July 2015

Lobster for lunch; sunset beach walks; ferry rides to Martha's Vineyard; fireworks; family dinners; hammock lounging; daily ice cream cones; lightening bugs & American flags; beach volleyball; shell collecting; tube-floating in the bay; sunburns & salty hair; drag queens in Provincetown; cranberry-scented soap; burgers, seafood & summer squash on the grill; and buying baby girl's first tiny t-shirt from the General Store...these are a few of my favorite things.

"All of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt that exists in the ocean, and, therefore, we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea -- whether to sail or to watch it -- we are going back to where we came from." 
-John F. Kennedy

25 June 2015

Watermelon Bubblegum

It's that time of year when everything is watermelon, bubblegum and orange creamsicle: I don't hate it one bit. Here are a few favorites inspired by summer's boldest colors...

1). Citrus Art! I would hang an oversized version of this in my kitchen.

2). The perfect pop of red by Ilia Beauty (all natural, too).

3). Giant confetti balloons. Hey mom? Maybe we can incorporate a few of these into my baby shower this fall?

4). A polka-dotted children's ukulele just because it's adorable.

5). The most gorgeous set of building blocks...ever.

6). I'm quickly learning that baby rompers are my biggest weakness in life.

7). A favorite book for little hands by none other than HervĂ© Tullet.

8). This beet, avocado & fried goat cheese salad is what all my culinary dreams are made of.

9). Britt Bass Turner's original paintings on canvas and wood = happymakers.

23 June 2015

Clinton Hill Family Session

I adored meeting this family of four a few weeks back at their beautiful home in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. I spent the first few minutes of the session hanging with two-year-old Lucas, who was so sweet and chatty with me. Next up, I focused on his brand-new baby brother, Julian, who was one of the most alert newborns I've ever photographed! See for yourself...

We moved on to an assortment of cuddly candids with dad, mom and big brother:

And of course, some detail shots of Julian's teeny tiny features: ears and nose, fingers and toes!

We realized it had been several minutes without hearing from Lucas: we found him in the master bedroom typing casually on dad's computer.

We headed outside for some family shots in their backyard garden:

Lucas swept the patio before heading over to his little bro for some big brother lovin'. But, Julian wasn't too sure about being held by someone other than Mom or Dad...

But then, after an outfit change, we detoured to their front steps where this sweetness happened...

And this...

Last, we took off on a short stroll to the exceptionally-photogenic Pratt institute campus, located just around the block from their apartment.

Julian conked out right at the very end: what a trooper! And what a pleasureful two hours with delightful clients.