14 January 2010


Tiho and I are moving in together in April (ahh!) and I am (clearly) so.ridiculously.excited for this next step in our relationship.

I am also positively giddy about the fact that we get to search for, select and decorate a new place together. I've been having dreams about area rugs and accent chairs, wall art and sheet sets (and of course, waking up to my terrific man every single day).

So, all this being said, I'm fairly certain that in these weeks leading up to and surrounding the big move, 'Exquisite Banana' will be dominated by moving-related posts (i.e. me trying to organize all my crazy bookmarking of every single design-inspiring item/image/idea I find online).

I found the following tips helpful as I begin all of this madness (via Apartment Therapy LA): Deciding How To Keep Or Let Go Of Things When Moving. Check it out!

(Image via The Frisky)

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