24 January 2010

Home Inspiration: Painted Interior Doors

I love love love this idea. I've been thinking about paint colors and color schemes for various rooms in the new place (albeit prematurely, as Tiho and I have just barely begun the search for this new place), but nonetheless, I am really inspired by all of these photos.

I never considered painting interior doors before. We'll be renting, and I'm not sure we'll be able to paint the walls. (Many landlords do allow it, under the condition that the walls are repainted the original color at the end of the lease). The thought of painting over multiple rooms doesn't particularly thrill me, but repainting the doors? That, I can handle!

Ah, I can't get over how much of a statement they make. Such pops of color! Okay, okay I'm finished.

(Images via Little Green Notebook)


  1. I've been holding onto those images of Nate Berkus' apartment for some time now. We painted the inside of our front door--and added crown molding to fake architecture. It turned out great.

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