04 January 2010

In 2010 I Will...

I've been thinking about resolutions and how I rarely stick to them beyond, oh I don't know, March? Regardless, I very much enjoy coming up with New Year's resolutions each January and the list I generated for 2010 seems pretty feasible.

So, this year, I am pledging to:

-Plan and stick to monthly budgets (I started this in October and while certainly taxing (ha!), it has proved to be highly beneficial for tracking my finances.

-Run a race (5K or 10K or both!) by the summertime.
Post Script: exercise regularly.

-Make more of an effort to keep in regular touch with the people I care about (as simple as sending an email or a picking up the phone to call and say hello)

-Write/Blog at least 4x per week

-Organize and simplify: buy less stuff and get rid of stuff I rarely use

-Pay closer attention to the food I consume and maintain a diet characterized by balance & moderation

-Categorize and file all of my "important paper documents"

-Remind myself daily how beautiful my life is :-)

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