06 January 2010

It's A Wonderful Lie

If you're a twenty-something female, check out this book. It's a collection of essays (written by acclaimed female writers) that set out to debunk the stereotypical myths about life, love, apartments and careers as a twenty-something. A fast, fun & fresh read.

"These provocative original essays aim to empathize with, encourage and inspire 20-something women. It's a Wonderful Lie will pick up where Quarter-life Crisis left off and will offer perspective and wisdom. Writers will shed a light on what one should and should not expect from what you've been led to believe are the best years of your life. The essays range from comedic to reflective and pensive, all looking at the uphill battle that exists as women live through their first jobs, loves, and losses. Cleverly titled essays such as, 'My Own Mr. Big', 'Twentysomething Seeks Same for FRIENDSHIP' and 'Tradeoffs: Why I Sold My Soul for My Apartments' will look back on the various areas that tripped up women in their twenties the most. The contributors then move forward, figuring out that while this crucial decade might have its many downsides, the pluses are numerous. It's a Wonderful Lie entertains, encourages and empowers women who are living through their twenties now, about to graduate from college, and, finally, those who have loved and lived through it all." -Fantastic Fiction


  1. I just bought this book because your blog recommended it. Love it! It's so true and just want I needed.


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