20 January 2010

Top Twelve Aphrodisiac Foods

Look what I found! A list of the "Top Twelve Aphrodisiac Foods" according to Amy Reiley, author of "Fork Me, Spoon Me: The Sensual Cookbook." (Check out Yummy Mummy for the full article and book link)!

So, here you have it: the best "get in the mood" foods (with Amy's descriptions)...

CHILE PEPPERS - "Indulge in the one slow burn that hurts so good. While lips swell and tongues tingle, the chili heat sets to work releasing endorphins, the primary pleasure enzyme."

PEACHES - "Thought by the ancient Chinese to hold magical properties, peaches are rich in potassium, iron, and vitamins a and c, all noted nutrients for improving horizontal salsa."

MINT - "Noted for increasing appetites of all kinds, mint is the perfect herb to sweeten a meal, for not only does it increase flavor but it also sweetens breath."

GINGER - "Although it is commonly used to aid digestion, ginger also increases sensitivity in the erogenous zones."

HONEY - "A sweet decadence colored the hue of royalty and wealth, golden honey is energy-boosting syrup. The Nectar of Aphrodite, this all-natural sweetener is at the root of the term honeymoon."

MANGOES - "The muse of poets and philosophers since the beginning of recorded time, mangoes are prescribed in India to increase male libido."

SAFFRON - "The most rare and exotic of all herbs, saffron has been used throughout history in rituals of beauty and love."

CHOCOLATE - "The aphrodisiac properties of chocolate are many. Sip creamy hot chocolate for its modest caffeine charge or nibble on a dark morsel for its serotonin boost."

ALMONDS - "The almond blossom is considered an international symbol of fertility. Removed from their shell, these protein-rich morsels are outstanding in helping sustain stamina."

ROSEMARY - "With flavors and aromas dubbed invigorating in the naturopathic world, rosemary could easily be called one of the kitchens most sensual foods."

VANILLA - "With a scent found to be arousing to both men and women, vanilla is equally effective on both sexes."

FIGS - "Split down the center and cradled in the palm, the fig is said to resemble the female genitalia. Rich in iron, figs are welcome additions to any summer feast."


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  1. So, do you actually need to eat these foods or can I just smell like figs, mint, and chile peppers? All at once, please? :)


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