22 February 2010


Suffice it to say, I love cheese.

In fact, I love cheese so much that when I get off the subway on evenings I have graduate class, I stop and try all of the different cheese samples at Westside Market. (Westside Market is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and conveniently, two blocks from my graduate school). Sometimes, I forgo buying a salad or sandwich to eat in class, simply because I sampled so much cheese walking through the store.

Anyway, I tried La Tur Cheese recently, and just about died from happiness. La Tur is a combination of goat, sheep and cow's milk and to date, is the creamiest, best-tasting cheese I've ever tasted. (Which is saying a lot, my friends). I know Whole Foods carries it, in case you want to try some too.

I first heard about La Tur a couple of months ago, after reading a post about it on another blog. I actually wrote myself a "reminder" to pick some up after reading that post. Does this make me a huge dork? Other people record dentist appointments in their daily planners, and I record cheese notes. Hmmm.

Also, how cute is this "French Cheese Tasting" Poster?

Now, if you'll excuse me while I go sneak a midnight snack...

(Image # 1: 365 Cheese Blog via Abbey Goes Design Scouting; Image # 2 via Pink of Perfection)

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