23 February 2010


This post should inform you about my admiration for Kari Herer's photography. It should pay homage to her stunning website, swoon-worthy Etsy shop and joy-inducing blog.

Like I said, it should do those things.

But, if I'm being 100% honest--which I try to be on here, as I consider myself an honest gal--this post is really about my slightly alarming obsession with babies.

I am 23.5 years old. And, I am really crazy weird about babies. I love them. I obsess over them. I sometimes want to steal them off the street.

So, this post is about that. And how I would like to borrow all of these babies, maybe just for a day or two, until I am ready to have one of my own. Then, I'll hire Kari Herer.

(All images courtesy of Kari Herer Photography)

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