18 February 2010

European Map T-Shirt (And Sleep Deprivation)

In recent months, this is a pretty typical weeknight for me:

-Get home around 9:45 PM from graduate class
*This semester, the earliest I am home during the week is 4:30 PM...one day a week.
9:45 PM constitutes two unbearable nights, and 7:30pm (meh) is the fourth night.
On Friday, I am home by 3:30 PM, and joyously consider myself unofficially "off duty" for the weekend.

-Recognize both my current level of exhaustion and the realization that I need to be up at 6:15 AM.

-Turn on laptop.

-Respond to emails, read other blogs, check Facebook, Twitter (oh did I mention I have a Twitter account but don't update at all? I just use it to follow other seemingly cool and interesting people that I have never met in person. Pretty stalkerish of me).

-Take care of responsibilities (like paying bills), or really, just add a few more things to my to-do list.

-Do some grad work/related teaching projects if necessary.

-Eat something.

-Talk on the phone with my boyfriend about our respective days, and become overly excited about the fact that in approximately six weeks, we will be living together and all of this will occur next to him on the couch.

-Glance up at the television if it happens to be on and watch random snippets of the news (but mostly HGTV).

-Realize that it is now midnight and my alarm will be going off in approximately six hours.

-Tell myself to go to sleep but then start browsing the internet again.

-Get inspired to write a blog post and decide it needs to be done right now.

-Find this really cool t-shirt after conducting a search for "maps" on Etsy.

-Contemplate buying said shirt but instead just decide to write a blog post about it, (and in doing so, chronicle my insanity to all of you).

-Finally collapse in bed annoyed that I didn't get myself to bed by 10:30 PM like I promised myself I would on the subway ride home.

-Repeat, nightly.


  1. this is hilarious. i can definitely relate to the student life. except i can't imagine working full time and commuting as well! whew, hang in there! it will be worth it in the end!

    i also liked what you said about twitter. :) i'm way "behind" in that i haven't gotten an account yet, but sometimes i like to see what, joanna goddard is doing, or the other "blogger celebs" (haha), pathetic but fun. i want to get it when i feel like i have the time, because i know it would be a great way to network with other bloggers..

    ok end long comment. xo

  2. Hahaha I am such a stalker of all the "blogger celebs." I am not even kidding, I started Twitter a few weeks ago and only follow 15 people, 14 of whom are my favorite bloggers. So funny.

    And yeah, grad school + full time job is intense, but in a good way (usually). It will totally be worth it next spring though, when I will be 24 and have my masters degree and 2.5 years of professional work experience. Oh life!

    Okay, done with equally long comment response :)


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