16 February 2010

Food for Thought

While en route to the bathroom and coat check at Hearth restaurant on Sunday evening, a bold red canvas hanging on the wall caught my attention. I was so smitten with the words imprinted on it that I inquired with the maitre d' about where I could find one like it. He graciously offered me some coasters containing the simple words and explained that the adage originated during WWI (as wartime propaganda posters), and Hearth's creators adopted the saying as the restaurant's core philosophy.

I did a little online digging with the hopes of locating another copy of the vintage print to hang in my kitchen. I couldn't find one though, so now I am envisioning a little DIY project coming on sometime in the foreseeable future.

On that note, is anyone able to identify the typography on the poster? Help, please!

(Image courtesy of the restaurant's website and my delightful new set of cardboard coasters)


  1. spent over 30 minutes on your page. i kinda like it. follow me. i'd like to read some more. thanks. bye.

  2. glad you like it! thanks for following me :)


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