03 February 2010

Redheaded Wedding

I teach 4-year-olds for a living. Most of my tiny ladies are obsessed with getting married and reenact extravagant wedding ceremonies in the dramatic play center of my classroom. They're sort of into a polygamy craze currently.

When I watch them, I wish I could say this: You will never lose your wedding obsession. In fact, it might even get worse.

I sure haven't lost mine, and yes, I am shamelessly admitting that. I am female after all. I was first married at age 3 and have been hopelessly planning my own "real" wedding ever since. Only a little. You all know. Don't pretend.

Anyway, I keep coming back to these images of a red-headed bride and her adoring new hubby. Her gorgeously unique style, that skirt full of oranges!, those "we're so ridiculously smitten with each other" gazes. Yes, love is so...lovely.

See more photos over at Once Wed.

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  1. Oh, I just loved this wedding!! Stunning. (And I know what you mean about weddings) I love your blog too! xo


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