10 February 2010

Round Up: Bezel Set Rings

(Champagne Bloom Ring, Fey Handmade)

(Blue Sapphire Ring, OneStoneNewYork via Etsy)

(Tiny Emerald Ring, Tola & Layla via Bird)

(Oval Ruby Ring, Melissa Joy Manning)

(Morganite Ring, Blanca Monros Gomez Designs via Bird)

(Turquoise Ring, Sarah Perlis)

Bezel-set rings are so charming. I love their vintage-y feel and the fact that they are (generally) handmade, using natural and conflict-free stones. I realized that I had several different jewelers bookmarked for months now, and figured it would be nice of me to share the beauty and loveliness of their ring designs with all of you. (The Tola & Layla Emerald and the Blanca Monros Gomez Morganite are my favorites).


  1. My friend Brenda's engagement ring is bezel set, and a beautiful rough cut diamond. It must be from one of these people, because several of these look so similar. I know Conor ordered it from New York... You can see it here: http://brendaiscrafty.wordpress.com/2009/07/19/its-been-awhile/

    It's beautiful and it so fits her personality.

    I'll be filing away some of these websites for future reference :)

  2. Haha! I just found her ring on the Sarah Perlis website!

  3. Aren't Sarah Perlis' designs so stunning?? I love every single one of her rings. So unique.


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