03 March 2010

Advice For a Charming Bed

New York-based decorator Rita Konig--a contributing writer to the design section of "T" (The New York Times Online Style Magazine)--recently wrote this post, where she deconstructs her bedroom and offers advice on how to create a lovely & inviting bed.

I felt inspired by what she had to say (so much so, in fact, that after reading her post, I felt inclined to relocate to my own bed...which I did, and from where I am now writing this).

Here's a little sneak peek of what she has to say on the topic of bedrooms:

As far as I’m concerned, Sunday mornings are for spending in bed — with papers, books, coffee, croissants, a computer and even a good old movie playing on TCM...

When I am looking for a place to live, I always use the windows as a guide...if they are good, and the room is a good shape, you will always be able to make it lovely....

The main thing is to keep everything soft....Your bed should always be ready to catch you as you fall into it.

Isn't that great? I agree on every count. Check out the entirety of the article here.

I'm off to sleep now, where I will surely dream about charming heart-printed sheet sets and the fact that Sunday morning is only 4 days away...

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