11 March 2010

Coffee Stencil

I've been dragging the whole day today. My eyelids are heavy, my appetite is lackluster and all I want to do right now is lie down on one of the "rest-time mats" with my kiddos. Despite that, I feel perfectly healthy (I can usually tell when I'm coming down with something).

It just hit me that I skipped my morning coffee today.

I've always scoffed at the fact that I might be "addicted" to caffeine, but I think I just proved myself wrong. Funny thing is, I didn't start drinking coffee on a daily basis until this past year. Whoops.

For all of you out there who can't get through the day without your caffeine fix, take a poke around Coffee Stencil. I'm all about bringing a little "gourmet" home.

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