22 March 2010

Perfect Swedish Apartment

From what I gather, everything is lovely in Sweden. Paid paternity leave, universal health care, fresh country air...

And perhaps most importantly (at least for today), the jar-dropping, stunning simplicity of Swedish interiors.

Swedish design is quickly becoming my new obsession. I think it most closely resembles my own (dream) design style, and it's a tad more definitive than "eclectic," which up to now, is about the only way I've been able to describe my personal design tastes.

The above images from this home leave me especially inspired because the style is quite similar to what we're planning to do with our new apartment. Whites, cremes, blacks, elegant, simple, fresh, comfortable...you get the idea.

I cannot stop staring at every.perfect.detail. Isn't it wonderful?

via simple blueprint & this is glamorous


  1. Kayla, this is gorgeous! I love the black and white - it's simple but pulled together at the same time. I'll look forward to more Swedish design on your blog :) And to answer your question, that lamp was just a cheap one from Target!! Funny, huh? Thanks for your comment :)

  2. i love these spaces... i just finished a series of books set in sweden and this is exactly what i pictured. fresh, clean and modern.


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