15 March 2010

Round Up: Typography Posters

I, too, have fallen prey to the typography posters & prints that I am (seemingly) seeing everywhere.

The roundup includes some of some of my personal favorites. Some classic, some trendy, all full of personality. Once we transition to the new place, I am going to select and buy a few of these to frame and scatter around the walls.

Via SlideSideways

Via Erin Jane Shop

Via The Love Shop

Via The Love Shop

Via Roll and Tumble Press

Via Fieldtrip

Via The Love Shop

Via Erin Jane Shop

Via Sparklepower

Via Derder

Via Postal Press

Via Made By Girl

Via Keep Calm Gallery

I like the idea of hanging some daily inspiration in the bathroom, with the "Today is Going to Be the Best Day Ever" print, or perhaps a little motivation in the office, with "Keep Calm & Carry On."

P.S. I am only marginally embarrassed by the number of prints that are "love-themed" here.

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