08 March 2010

Sunny Accents

Yellow is my favorite color and I tend to incorporate a fair amount of it in my decorating. I am taken with Emily and Meeko's use of sunny yellow accents in their home. I chuckled when I read their house tour interview on Apartment Therapy because of how similar they sound to Tiho and I (relative to style/taste):

"Because we're both bringing different styles, habits, and likes/dislikes to the table, finding a cohesive "look" is a process. I love color and pattern, vintage finds, and am definitely on the more feminine side in terms of design aesthetic, and he is a lover of all things modern, simple, clean and stark."


  1. Oh yes, I love these sunny accents. I need more yellow around.

  2. So pretty. I'm doing a post about yellow tomorrow:) Yay.


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