09 March 2010

Wearable Feminine Finds

Flowers are peeking up absolutely everywhere, and I am simply dizzy with joy.

Perhaps it is still premature (so far, no roaring March lion in sight), but being an optimistic person, I went ahead and gathered some wearable feminine finds inspired by the mood that spring flowers put me in.


{1-Whorled Roses Tank, 5-Lingering Vest, 6-Catch&Release Scarf, 8-Allamanda Necklace - Anthropologie}

{2-All About a Bow Clutch, 7-Ivory Ruffles Clutch - Davie & Chiyo}

{3-Forget-Me-Not Earring & Ring Set - Bijoutiful}

{4-Silk Bloom Headband - Twigs & Honey}

1 comment:

  1. I love your finds!! I am now inspired to get something feminine and ruffly for spring, just because. That Twigs and Honey headband would be pretty for a wedding!!


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