26 March 2010

Weekend Blinks

T and spent the the entirety of last night buying the more mundane "necessities" for the new apartment. I thought I was going to be way more bummed than I actually was about spending a large chunk of change on things like a vacuum cleaner, knife set, pots & pans, sheets, shower curtain liners, etc. (you know, things we actually need).

Surprisingly, buying these items was more fulfilling than dropping cash on fun furniture and wall art has been. It made me realize how decorating isn't nearly as much fun as nesting. I know, I know--I'll 100% change this tune as soon as all of the "boring" stuff is bought and we're actually moved in, but for right now, it's oddly refreshing to stand in front of the vacuum cleaner display together, trying to figure out the best-but-not-most expensive brand to buy.

Oh and it probably helped that T convinced me that we needed the $100+ gourmet coffee maker over the $35 normal one. It must be stated that this assertion came from the guy who 1). Doesn't drink coffee, and 2). Is good with money and tends to keep me in line with my budget.

It must be love.

Now the weekend awaits. We obtain the keys tonight(!!) and then figure out exactly what needs to be painted/cleaned/etc. and go make those lists for next week. I'll spend the rest of the weekend organizing and packing up my place, while T attends a low-key Bachelor party on Saturday. Hopefully, I'll find some time to relax, but I'm not all that worried, since I'm still on my extra long spring break and every day is kind of like the weekend right now.

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  1. Kay, I love following your blog! I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to see pictures when everything is up and running! Miss you! xox

  2. Kaitlin, hi! Yay, it makes me so happy to know you're reading. I still stalk you via fb and love seeing that you too are doing well :)

  3. oh and yes, pictures will definitely be coming over the coming weeks--before and afters (ah!)

  4. love your space!

    and you already adore my mary ruffle, so really...we're already friends, yes?



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