06 April 2010

Just a Peek...

I thought I'd give you a little decorating peek into our new home. Don't get too excited: these images aren't my own. In actuality, they were inspiration for a couple of recent purchases...

This over-sized mirror (from Ikea, $100), will adorn our master bedroom:

...And curtains that look similar to these now grace our living room windows (though ours are more billowy...remember my obsession?):

Don't worry, I'll post pictures of our place in due time. You have to give me a little while to make it pretty, friends!

(image 1 via abby sharp and images 2 & 3 via design*sponge)


  1. I LOVE THAT RUFFLED SHOWER CURTAIN!!! I know that's not what you're highlighting, but man... that is cute!

  2. I just moved, too! Everyone keeps being all like, "WHEN CAN WE SEE YOUR PLACE!?" "When is the HOUSEWARMING PARTY?!" These things take time, people. :-D

  3. Emily, the curtain is from Anthropologie, I believe. That style retails for about $120 though--yikes!


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