19 April 2010


Now that we basically have an entire house to clean on a regular basis, I'm thinking that some perfectly yummy new cleaning products are in order. Enter, Murchison-Hume: the ecologically-friendly, delicious-smelling (Australian white grapefruit, anyone?) and snazziest-looking line of household cleaning products I've ever seen.

I really appreciate the eco-friendly part, and was fascinated by this tidbit on the website: "Murchison-Hume is the world’s first ever Premium Organic Housecleaning Product. Its uniqueness is based on Colloidal Technology (the same technology used to clean up the ocean in the event of an oil spill). It is superior to other “Eco-Friendly” housecleaning products in both efficacy and non-toxicity. It is utterly safe to use, causing zero negative effect on the environment and is actually used commercially to improve wastewater and as a soil conditioner in its concentrated state."

I've got my eye on the "Classic Six" Boxed Cleaning Set, the Heirloom Dishwashing Liquid, and the Superlative Liquid Handsoap. Yep, pretty much the whole line. Anthropologie also carries a select range of Murchison-Hume products (of course they do).

Time to save some pennies in order to make cleaning a whole lot more fun!


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