25 April 2010

Round Accent Tables

Our living room is almost done. The last "piece" I've been relentlessly searching for is a small, round accent table to go under one of the windows. I think I've narrowed the search down to the following two:

Metal Accordian Side Table from Urban Outfitters:

Cocktail Tray Table from Overstock (Target also makes a similar one)

I am really stuck on deciding which to purchase. The prices are nearly identical and both would fit into our current decorating scheme. Thoughts? (Or suggestions/recommendations for others?)


  1. I vote for the first one, but either way I'm sure the room looks beautiful! =)
    - Marie Elaina

  2. These are so cute! I love them both, but that silver cocktail table is so darling. It gets my vote.

  3. I vote for the first one... looks like you've got a tough decision to make!

  4. I have two of the first one. One is in the living room between a black leather wing chair & a marble color recliner. The other is in bedroom between two big chairs (great spot to rest the morning coffee). Good luck! JJ


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