29 April 2010

Stop Looking at Me, Bangs.

This is my typical hair cycle:

-look in the mirror one day and decide that my long, lightly layered hair needs a change.
-spontaneously decide to cut off 8 inches (leaving hair somewhere between chin and neck length).
-spend a year growing it back (and vow to never again do anything drastic, as I always end up returning to a long, lightly layered style).
-start to get sick of long, lightly layered style again, so opt for something like side bangs.
-cut bangs.
-immediately grow bangs out.
-once again, settle into a long, lightly layered style.

I'm due for a haircut. I want to be adventurous. I'm currently inspired by full, romantic bangs like the lovely model's above (from what I can see, our hair is similar in length and texture). But, I think this would be drastic and I vowed never to do drastic again.

Ack, and then I spotted this picture in the Lucky Magazine Hair Lookbook, and have serious hair envy (yes, I'm nerding out over hair):


(image 1 via coco+kelly)


  1. I definitely do the exact same thing over and over again. usually involving drastic changes in hair color too. I just hacked off something like 10 inches and cannot for the life of me find someone good to cut my hair :( With my now overgrown mom-doo i am really missing my bff hair stylist back in california.
    That top photo is gorgeous, love the bangs! I am sure you would look fabulous!
    xox ashley


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