31 May 2010


It is Monday evening. The sun is setting soon, and I am perfectly at peace after having indulged in a gloriously relaxed day off after a sun-kissed and friends-filled weekend.

I am sprawled on the couch sipping red fruit tea and thinking about what a big week this is. The last week of the school year. The last week with my 19 children. On Friday, I have to say goodbye. It is both the hardest and the best part about teaching.

In September, I faced 19 eager 4-year-olds. And now? Now, they are 5--some almost 6--and they are ready. Ready for the magic of Kindergarten and for the magic of the world thereafter. They are beginning to read and write and add and subtract and I am only a tiny bit envious of all that is about to come.

Don't you remember what it was like to be 5?

But, it is time to let them go. Time to say goodbye. Well, almost time. I still have four days and I am going to savor every single one.


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