12 May 2010

Flowers in my Home

Thought I would share the flower arrangements I currently have in my house since they bring me inexplicable joy whenever I see them. I hope they bring you a little bit of lovely, too.

Beautiful, delicate ranunculuses in the most perfect shades of coral and tangerine gracing the kitchen table:

How about a close-up of these beauties?

A mixed bouquet of lilacs and peonies sitting on the coffee table in the living room:

More baby pink peonies (these have a tendency to move around wherever I happen to be in the house, since I can't stop myself from burying my face deep inside their glorious blooms, oh every two minutes or so):

Constant perpetuated bliss, I tell you.

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  1. These are gorgeous!! Well done! I love your white kitchen table! Where did you get it? I'm on the hunt. xo


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