18 May 2010

Forever is Today

Hilda Grahnat arranges her vintage and thrifted home collectibles by color and then photographs them because:

a). She has a brilliant eye for detail

b). She read my mind when I dreamed about doing the exact same thing and then went ahead and did it so she could personally present me with a package of perfectly color-curated collections (or at least the photos depicting them).

(let's just pretend it's b).

Do yourself a favor today and head on over to Hilda's gorgeous blog, Forever is Today. While you're at it, why don't you also check out her equally enticing shop of the same name, where she sells handmade items such as books made out of clocks and original photography. I am this close to purchasing this limited edition screen print poster:

(translation: What is your way of life?) Isn't it just fabulous?

And if you still haven't had your fill, you can take a tour of Hilda's adorably eclectic home featured over at Design*Sponge this week.

Hilda is currently studying graphic design in Sweden. And she's only 23. Is your life this cool? I just pretend mine is.

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  1. These collections are so cute. And I won your giveaway -- Thanks Kayla!!! xoxo


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