10 May 2010

Home Snippets

I'm not quite ready for a house tour yet. These things take time. But, I thought I'd let you take a little peek with a few "snippets" of our new home...

Remember the adorable bicycle figurine I recently bought? Well, it came and I love it. I cut a few flowers from a bush in front of our house because the basket definitely needed to be filled. I like to think of it as the perfect miniature replica of my own dream bike. Here it is on the windowsill in the living room:

And here, where I think I'm going to leave it for the time being (also in the living room):

This is a sterling silver candlestick I picked up at an antiques shop in Sandwich, Cape Cod (my hometown!) for only $15. Isn't it gorgeous?

And, ah, this trunk. You see, this trunk and I had a love at first sight sort of connection. I went back to the store three times (in a two day period) before I finally decided to fork over the money and lug it back to New Jersey. (See Tiho's feet in the upper left-hand corner? He was napping. He's so cute.).

And last, a kitchen shot, at night. That little red teapot and I catch up daily as we discuss how to make the yellow vintage stove on which she lives a little prettier.

More to come in time, my friends.

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  1. GORGEOUS! I love the little details. I absolutely adore that trunk, especially.


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