03 May 2010


IKEA can get a bad rap. Especially in the design world, people are quick to jump on the "IKEA as a cheap, temporary fix" bandwagon.

My opinion differs. While I have never been a fan of any type of "packaged set" in home design, I definitely think it is possible to create a beautiful and charming space using IKEA furniture and housewares (I have many in my own home). For me, a higher price tag doesn't automatically imply "better."

The IKEA Family Live website provides glimpses into real homes of real people who decorate primarily with--you guessed it--IKEA. The inspiration for how to use and arrange different products is endless. I am in love with this home (and the adorable Berlin couple it belongs to). Check out a few pictures below:

And if you thought it wasn't possible to create a more polished, glamorous space using IKEA? Well, see below and prepare to change your tune.

IKEA, thank you for helping me turn my house into a home. I appreciate "being bold, not beige."

(via Decor8)


  1. I'm with you...there's a mirror from Ikea that I want so bad I can taste it. And side note, that chalkboard wall is perfect!

  2. Lovely images. Great Scandinavian flare. I'm with you!


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