05 May 2010

Pottery Barn Virtual Spree

Recently uncovered some lovely finds at Pottery Barn...

Eying these glass jar votive holders:

And this set of vintage keys ($19):

(the keys displayed via PB):

This lamp strikes the perfect balance of rustic and glam:

Admiring these pillow covers:

And these French Cafe Pillows:

Lusting (so badly) after this Moroccan-Inspired Coffee Table:

I can think of many uses for this Silver-Plated Julep Cup:

And if I lived on the yet-to-be-discovered planet where money grows on trees,
this mirror:

Oof! That (mirror) was a $700 tug of my heart strings, in case you were wondering.

There. Now the desire is documented. Haven't spent a penny (yet). Onwards.

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