25 June 2010

Artist: Elise Morris

In my dream world, I'd be able to afford an Elise Morris original canvas. Isn't her work breath-taking? Oh what I would give to have any of these hanging in my home.

Elise is currently represented by Jules Place, a gallery in Boston. See more of her work here.

I love Elise's explanation of where she finds inspiration. Her words captivate me nearly as much as her paintings:

"The shapes of nature are so much more surprising than what I imagine them to be. And so, I start with something tangible. In drawing the curves and winding trails of a branch in bloom, I have learned that beauty is in the unexpected and momentary.

I consider the fleeting images that represent change: a sequin of light, a passing shadow, tangles of blurred lines, the places where growth blooms and withers along an otherwise bare branch.

I am interested in exploring nature’s point of view - how nature might perceive itself on the inside. From this perspective, I imagine a chaotic tumble of change and growth, a relentless and overwhelming surge of interconnected events. Painting takes the form of inquiry where my process is made visible.

I want to hold a moment in my focus, noticing the fragility of its current state before it quickly becomes something completely different. In this way, I am watchful of my surroundings. There is beauty in unexpected places, not just waiting to be found, but waiting to really be seen."


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