22 June 2010

Duvet for our Bedroom

When Tiho and I first moved into our new place nearly three months ago, we purchased a very simple (and inexpensive) white duvet cover for our bed. We have been pairing it with two (much higher quality) sets of sheets: one a lush sage green color and the other, a crisp white. Coupled with the sage green sheets, the duvet looks great. However when paired with plain white sheets, it appears slightly dingy and, well, boring.

So, we (or rather, I), have recently been on the hunt for a high quality duvet cover. If at all possible, we want something both inspired by nature and with a white base, to leave room for flexibility in more color choice within the bedroom.

These sets were top contenders (good quality and very affordable):

Marimekko Madison Duvet, from Crate & Barrel (I like it in green or yellow)

Spring Sparrow Duvet Cover, from Pottery Barn (Tiho deemed this "too girly." I agree. Or maybe a little too country.).

But then my logically-minded beau offered the following insight on the process: If we're going to buy a second cover, shouldn't we splurge on one we really want? He was talking about this beauty from Dwell Studio:

The Chinoiserie Duvet Set is one we've been mutually admiring from afar. It has a hefty price tag ($280 is nearly 3x as much as the other two) but the quality seriously cannot be beat. I've heard that when you make the switch to Dwell Studio, you never go back to anything else. My admiration for Dwell Studio bedding has been well-documented on this blog. See here and here.

I decided to suck it up and just placed the order. It should arrive in the next few days. Can't wait!


  1. i have a dwell duvet and am a BIG fan of all of their amazing and beautiful things. super high quality and gorgeous to boot! you cannot go wrong! speaking of which, I think I need a new one for the guest room ;)

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