16 June 2010

Home Inspiration: Abbey Nova

This is the former home of the stylish Abbey Nova, of Abbey Goes Design Scouting. The 1-bedroom Upper East Side apartment is just steps from the school where I teach (the neighborhood is one of the most coveted in all of New York City). I believe she has since relocated to a larger apartment the Upper West Side with her husband and young son.

This entire house tour was pretty much the sole inspiration for decorating our place the past few months. (We have the same glossy black doors!) This is the closest example to flawless interior design for me. Simple, cozy elegance.

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  1. Great minds do think alike : ) I was wondering if she is still in the same place! Love the glossy black doors---had them in my first studio in San Francisco with vintage crystal doorknobs---such glamour!

    xx Katie


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