09 June 2010

How to Eat a Kebab

Last night, Tiho and I made one of our favorite dishes: grilled kebabs! My perfect kebab includes chicken (thighs, not breasts...so much more tender), mushroom, onion, and PINEAPPLE. So yummy.

Tiho likes all that plus red peppers.

Making them is simple. Chop up all of the ingredients, build the skewers, and grill them for approximately 30 minutes. (We use a George Forman). Pop open a couple of icy beers, prepare a side of rice pilaf, and call it a night.

The past few times we've made these, Tiho has served me. Last night, in my attempts of serving myself (trying to get all of the meat and veggies off my skewer and onto my plate), chunks of food began flying in every direction.

Tiho looked at me, took my skewer, and--while shaking his head--said, "Clearly, you did not grow up eating in the Mediterranean, baby."

I grinned back at him, and with a mouth full of juicy grilled pineapple, said, "Nope, but thank goodness I live with someone who did!"

Love that boy.

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