29 June 2010


I own a little egg-shaped cup that I recently discovered as the perfect vessel for a single serving of ice cream. Which brings me to another discovery. Haagen-Dazs 5 anyone? It's ice cream made from just 5 ingredients. I'm not sure where I've been, but I managed to climb out from under my proverbial rock while grocery shopping on Sunday. I threw a pint of strawberry into my cart and can now assert that my life has changed for the better. Like, majorly. Which is a good thing, since ice cream is about the only thing I can bear to consume in this heat monster that is summer 2010.

I ate my dessert while admiring this pretty home last night. I can't decide which is more refreshing: the ice cream or the house. Both make me happy because they each present as effortlessly minimalistic while bursting with flavor and personality.



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