25 June 2010

Weekend Blinks

Well now. Haven't done an edition of "Weekend Blinks" (Blog links) in awhile. During the school year, I was often so busy that I didn't even get to read many of my favorite blogs until the weekend. Now that summer has finally arrived, I have a bit more time. So, without further adieu:

7 Habits of Highly Happy People

For all my fellow winos: A DIY wine cork bathmat

It's been too long since I've gone cliff jumping

DIY: Bookshelves made from books

Now I'm inspired to make some lists:
Mid Year Goals, (How is it almost July?!)
Summer List # 1, and Summer List # 2

A sweet baby story

I laughed out loud reading this

A NYTimes article about the hottest online shelter magazine (Lonny!)

Quirky painted nesting dolls

10 documentaries to watch...From this list, I've only seen Food Inc. and that was pretty awesome. Plus, we all know Joanna has killer taste

Slightly envious of Ez's workspace

Have a wonderful last weekend of June. I'll be kayaking the Hudson River and scouring an outdoor craft fair in the city with my mom and best friend. Cheers!

(image/3191 Miles Apart)

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