06 July 2010

A Cape Cod Weekend

It was a beautiful 3-day weekend on the Cape. These are the only photos I managed to take over the course of our 72 hours there...we were too busy swimming, lounging, and stuffing our faces with fresh seafood and ice cream to bother with the camera. For 24 years, it's where I've spent at least a portion of my summer (and where I lived year-round for the first 10 years of my life). Every time I return, I feel so blessed. Cape Cod has this magical natural beauty unrivaled by almost anywhere else. No matter where my life takes me, I'll always find my way back to the Cape.

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  1. lovely! we are going in September and I cannot wait!! It is such an incredibly special place and try too, to always find my way back there. :) These pictures make me SOOOOO excited!


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