16 July 2010

Hair Blooms & Bows

After almost two years of ignoring my hair, I'm becoming mildly obsessed with it again. Through high school and most of college, I was really obsessed with it (blow-drying and straitening it almost daily). Then, I graduated, began a full-time teaching career while simultaneously attending graduate school full-time, and got way too busy to care. I pretty much wore a ponytail or some sort of failed attempt at a messy up-do every day. Last summer, I chopped it off because I was so sick of it.

Now it's grown back to a length I like and I am beginning to care about my hair again. Only this time it is incredibly liberating, because I've come to like it best in its natural state...air dried into soft waves. I recently got a little "shaper" trim that banished my split ends and added lots of unexpected body.

The look happens to pair quite well with accessories, especially in the form of headbands with bows and blooms. I could be having a "blah day" beauty wise, and all I have to do is pop on one of these fun numbers to feel chic and cute.

Shopping guide (from top to bottom):

Be Something New Dark Grey Beaded Bow Headband, $34
J.Crew Flat Flower Headband, $22
Forever 21 Feathered Satin Headband, $5.80
Anthropologie Rain-Bow Headband, $28
Forever 21 Floral Mesh Satin Headband, $3.80
My Diva's Closet Wide Peony Flower Headband, $15
& Double Headband with Silk Petals, $15

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