29 July 2010

Language of Flowers

I'm enamored with flowers and quite fascinated by the meanings behind them. The first chart explains the different color variety of roses for each month of the year, and the second conveys the Victorian meanings behind some popular flowers. Aren't the visuals charming?

I was excited to learn the official "birth month" flowers and am now pleased to know that Asters and Morning Glories represent September (their colors complement the September birthstone, Sapphire).

If you're interested in learning more about "The Language of Flowers," visit this comprehensive flower symbolism site.

image 1 - via Daydream Lily (original source unknown)
image 2 -  Historiful (a really interesting & informative tumblr site...check it out)
image 3 - Two Hearts Together


  1. I am a big flower fan too....those top two pictures are wonderful.

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