27 July 2010

Miss Capricho

Suffice it to say, I can't stop gawking at these fashion illustrations by Miss Capricho.

Aren't the colors radiant? Marie-Klara is the woman behind the Miss Capricho illustrative design studio and her portfolio excites me in all sorts of ways. Take a peek at more of her "fashion girls,""delightful things," "animals," "travels," and other editorial work here and also on her flickr stream. I also really adore her whimsical "garden of delights" series:

Wouldn't they look divine on the walls of my future little girl's bedroom?

P.S. Miss Capricho, if you're reading this, let's collaborate on a children's book! I'll write, you draw and then we'll make some serious moolah and live happily ever after.

P.P.S I'm not pregnant! Just always scouring for kid inspiration :)


  1. Beautiful illustration. I think any of these would look divine on the walls!

  2. these are gorgeous! why is her stuff not all over the place? i'm dying over the top one - just perfect. xx, Jane

  3. I love these illustrations!! Fab find!

  4. these illustrations are BEAUTIFUL!

    i can't believe i haven't seen these yet.

    the watercolors.
    the bright pops of pink, yellow, orange, and electric blue

    i want to buy them all!


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