19 July 2010

Scenes From The Weekend

It was a low-key weekend. We scored tickets to Inception on Friday, which caused me to have bizarre dreams all night. It was a really cool film though and I definitely recommend it.

Saturday included a trip to T's gym (I was feeling inspired by my recent online order for a couple of new bathing suits), followed by a stroll through the farmer's market where we stocked up on some fruit, including those adorable yellow and purple sugar pie plums. They may be the sweetest and juiciest fruit I've ever consumed. We ran a few errands and ended up back at home by late afternoon and spent the night cooking dinner and relaxing.

On Sunday, it was a lot of work on grad school projects (writing & illustrating), some evening reality tv (the next food network star & design star, woo!), video games (T), and serious couch lounging with books & magazines. Oh and doing a load of laundry before realizing the dryer was mysteriously busted. That last photo is T's transformation of our kitchen into a clothesline.

How was your weekend?

P.S. Accidentally applied a new blog template last night, may fiddle around with it the next few days...

(all photos by me)


  1. i love the comforter! i happened to read the entry when you said you wanted it. it looks wonderful!

  2. looks like the most wonderful relaxing little weekend (laundry not included) and that fruit looks just perfect. have a great week!
    xx, Jane

  3. Looks so relaxing and fun! We went to a farmer's market too - it's the perfect Saturday. I like your new header and design!

  4. Anon-thanks so much! It's super comfy.

    Jane-you must try sugar pie plums if you happen to come across them--they are so good.

    Colleen-the new design was totally by accident! I was fiddling with my sidebar and them wham! Hit a button and the whole template changed. I'm too lazy (and scared) to change anything else right now, haha

  5. Vogue and a coke equal my kind of lounging.


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