26 July 2010

Scenes From The Weekend

It was a  lovely celebratory weekend indeed. Highlights included: live jazz music, french food, an improv comedy show, good beer, bagel breakfasts, and getting all dolled up only to melt in the NYC heat. Did you know that stiletto heals absolutely do NOT stay on your feet while walking in 100 degree temperatures? (Thank goodness for taxis).

It was so wonderful to spend time with my sister. That ring was one of my presents to her. It's a sterling silver infinity knot. I also bought one for myself to wear as a symbolic nod to our sisterhood. 

Emma had a very exciting weekend due to the fact that before meeting up on Saturday, she spent both Friday evening and Saturday afternoon in a recording studio and dancing on the beach for an upcoming music video project by a producer friend. More info to come when it's publicly released...

How was your weekend?


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