30 July 2010

Weekend Blinks + Hosting

A few fun things to peruse on this edition of weekend Blinks (blog links):

Claudia Pearson's Sour Cherry Soup Recipe, via Sfgirlbybay

Scratch-off Travel Map, spotted on Hither & Tither

 What looks to be an intriguing book, discovered on The Lil Bee

Baby Clara's weekly photos (the best idea ever!) by John & Sherry of Young House Love

Ballet Lesson Nostalgia, via Mary Ruffle

Hello, hello! This weekend Tiho and I are excited to host my former roommate, Elizabeth and her boyfriend Grant. They are such fun people and great friends. This is the first time they'll be seeing our place since we all moved last April, so I'm looking forward to lots of animated conversation over a bottle of wine (or three). I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with good company.

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