31 August 2010

10 Reasons Why A Caribbean Cruise Rocked my Socks

1). Living on a giant yacht for a week, receiving 5-star service & meeting tons of fabulous people:

 2). Unlimited food available 24 hours a day with 3-course gourmet dinners every night. And yummy tropical drinks with pineapple slices and mini umbrellas:

3). Incredible entertainment (all on-board), including Broadway-like productions, stand-up comedians, dance clubs & lounges, a casino, hilariously interactive game-shows, sexy legs & belly-flop competitions, a movie theater, arcade, shopping promenade, rock-climbing wall, mini golf course, surfing simulator, endless pool parties and an ice-show starring Olympic skaters:

4). Seeing the different animals made from towels left every night by the stateroom attendants:

5). Exhilarating excursions like snorkeling, 50-mph jet skiing, parasailing & of course, SNUBA:

6). My amazing boyfriend surprising me by secretly upgrading our trip to the "Grand Romance Package" which involved champagne, flowers in our stateroom, fluffy white bathrobes we got to keep, breakfast in bed one morning, pre & post dinner treats delivered on formal nights, and a professional 8x10 photo documenting our cheesy adorableness. Oh, and who can forget the full body massage & facial he insisted on booking for me at the cruise spa:

7). Glass-walled hot tubs that jutted out over the ocean (enough said):

8). Swimming in translucent, cerulean blue water in Miami and at the beautiful ports of St. Philipsburg, St. Maarten; & Labadee, Haiti (my favorite) and touring the historic San Juan, Puerto Rico:

9). The magical views & surroundings. This world astounds me:

10). Spending 9 perfect days with the remarkable man who entered my life last August, forever changing it, and me:

And now that I've sufficiently recapped this fantasy-like but completely true travelogue, I'm off to fold laundry & clean the house :)


  1. JEEPERS! What a trip! Love your multi colored two piece, very cute.

  2. oh man. i'm jonesing for a vacay now!

  3. Michelle-thank you, it's from Victoria's Secret and super on sale last time I checked. It kind of reminds me of your paintings now that I think about it :)

    Kimia-I'm already in withdrawl

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! It looks like an amazing vacation!


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