04 August 2010


 Last night, I watched the movie Amelie for the first time and well, wow.

I know I know, I'm only what, like 9 years late in experiencing this gem? I've been wanting to see it for years and I must say, it was well-worth the wait. Such a sparkle of a film.

Tiho was funny when I announced (rather abruptly, mind you) that "I just want to watch Amelie tonight." He couldn't believe I hadn't seen it, considering how I "love all things french and vintage" (his words). He's been a fan of the film for years...a fact which makes me love him especially so right now. My adorable, romantic European boyfriend loves Amelie. Just call me Audrey Tautou today, folks. I've got my head in the clouds...


  1. I'm so glad you found it, it is a film all should watch - it is truly wonderful.

    Have you seen this post of Design Sponge? Good coincidence eh?


  2. Elizabeth, I saw the "living in" post right AFTER watching the movie last night and thought it was pretty ironic. I can't get over the film. I've been prancing around all day in the best and lightest mood because of it.

  3. I was late too! Oh, it is so wonderful!

    I just saw your Cape Cod tweet and oh I wish I could go!! The fam didn't go for it. : ( We'll make it happen some day! Have fun! : )

  4. One of my all-time favorite films-so glad you finally got to see it! I play the soundtrack when I'm feelings particularly "French and vintage"!


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