19 August 2010

Birthday Wishlist

This is mainly for my family members, who've been hounding me for birthday suggestions (I turn 24 on the 1st of September). So, sweet family of mine, any of these items would make me a very happy girl :)

19"x25" Wildflower Calendar Poster by Claire Nereim, $50

Assouline Book of Botanicals, Butterflies & Insects,  available in bookstores for $50, and on Amazon for $35

Starlight Globe, $60 (or really, any globe with this color scheme for my collection)

A Year of Mornings, available on Amazon for $15

Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights cookbook, available at any mainstream bookstore and on Amazon for about $25

Silver Honey Bee, $42.50 (It's something I can't justify buying for myself but would LOVE to receive as a gift)

And if you magically happen to have $298 to drop, this Brompton Hobo (in Espresso), from J.Crew

Well that was fun. A little self-indulgence never hurt anyone, right?  :)


  1. A Year of Mornings is on my list, too, and that little honey bee is now that I've seen it! It's precious!

  2. The bee kills me, Lena! I think it would look so cute on the Sunday brunch table, even just for me and my man.

  3. The bee is just adorable!! I have a bit of a fetish thing with bees and bee color (black and yellow)....ask your man about the popular Maya the Bee cartoon :)...and sent this link to my guy with a "tiny" bit of a hint, so let's see what happens:). Let me know if you get it and if it is as adorable as the picture.


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