10 August 2010

Morning Light

The morning light captured here causes me to pause and revel in a sort of awe that only mother nature can evoke. I think these images are beautiful and I can't stop looking at them, especially paired together like this. A bit of Tuesday inspiration if you will.

Image 1- Casey Hyer Photography via Once Wed
Image 2-Sparkling Sunrise via A Diary of Little Things & Curiosities
Image 3-Morning Light With Daffodils by The Eye


  1. ahh daffodils are my favorite. forever and always.

  2. Beautiful! Makes me want to get up really early in the morning and make some photos myself!

    Thanks for your post about my livingroom! :)

  3. Kimia-mine too! thanks for stopping by :)

    Sobinique-you are very welcome, it's absolutely gorgeous


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