31 August 2010

Prop Stylist Turned TV Star: Emily Henderson Rules the Universe

Did you watch HGTV's Design Star this summer? Emily Henderson won the title and with it, her very own HGTV show, Secrets from a Stylist. It premiered on Sunday and suffice it to say, the girl's got serious game. It's extremely rare that I like every room or vignette designed by a single individual, but Emily has officially changed that.

A prop/photo stylist by trade, she brings such a unique and refreshing spin to world of interior design and styling.  I've been a pretty avid reader of her personal blog, The Brass Petal, long before she was on Design Star, mainly because her voice is hilarious, witty and completely authentic. Reading her posts (and now watching her show!) is a nice break from the (sometimes generic) voices that seem to emanate from a lot of "design blogs." Very few resonate with me like Emily's does.

Anyway, Emily seems like a super cool gal, which translates through her personal, home and professional design styles. All of these images are from her portfolio, and include photos from her own home in Los Angeles, CA and rooms she designed and styled on both Design Star and Secrets from a Stylist.

Be sure to check out her professional portfolio, if only to add "prop stylist" to your (er, my) growing list of dream jobs.


  1. I am bummed I missed this season! I am hoping to catch a marathon someday...hopefully they will do that before next season, maybe.

    I don't know how this is the first time I have seen your blog! I love it and look forward to coming back! :)

  2. Suzie--thank you for the sweet words. I love having new visitors :) I can't wait to check out your blog too (from the title alone, I think I'll definitely be a fan!)


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