04 August 2010

Rapunzel's Gold

 I had a few questions about where I bought the dainty silver infinity rings for my sister and I.

I found them on Etsy (surprise, surprise), from a beautiful and reasonably priced jewelry shop called Rapunzel's Gold. I find the selection of rings especially lovely and am contemplating the tiny silver heart (maybe to stack on my infinity knot?).

Fun tidbit: some of her jewelry is inspired by the Twilight Series (I've never read the books or seen any of the movies).  I hear they are addicting though, so perhaps I'll teleport myself back to my tween years and hop on that bandwagon soon.


  1. The rings are so pretty...I do like the heart one very much.

  2. Isn't it so dainty? The prices can't be beat, either! Thanks for stopping by :)


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