09 August 2010

Scenes From (A Cape Cod) Weekend

Salty air + sandy hair = my happy place. Back from our long weekend on Cape Cod, and feeling utterly blissed out. It was wonderful to spend quality time with family and just veg out for a few days.

Highlights from the trip included: a nighttime swim in the ocean with cousins (I was super paranoid about sharks, especially after too much shark week viewing), double chocolate fudge from the general store, dining outside on the deck for every meal, sleeping in until mid-morning and then heading directly to the beach each day, hot sun and cold lemonade, and an evening rendezvous to Provincetown (the tippity tip of the Cape) where we mingled with drag queens, window-shopped and danced in the streets to piano music from the roaring twenties.

It was one of those "Thank God I'm alive" type of weekends.

Gotta give a special shout out to my handsome man today: yesterday, 08/08/2010 marked 365 days together. Tiho, thank you for making me the happiest woman in the world this year. I love you (and your surprises!) to the moon and back again.


  1. Oh, I'm jealous! I'd love to be on the Cape right now!

  2. This looks like a dream!! Glad you had fun! I think you're right, our meet-up will happen soon :)

    Congrats on one year to you and Tiho!!

  3. I have no idea where Cape Cod is but it sounds wonderful and congrats on your anniversary!


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