02 August 2010

Scenes From The Weekend

Well now. When did it become August? I hope you had a nice weekend. Ours was pretty near splendid.

On Friday, Tiho and I had a lazy night in, tidying up for our visitors (we love when our guest room gets use!), eating lots of cookies, and watching a variety of random tv shows. Come Saturday, we ran a few errands (I picked up a delicious-smelling lotion at Whole Foods) before welcoming our friends Grant and Elizabeth. We spent the afternoon showing them around all of the quaint boutiques in Ridgewood and catching up over yummy snacks that Tiho whipped up.

We went out for a delicious Asian-fusian dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in town and then spent the evening devouring cupcakes and Pinot Noir (a pairing which makes for a perfect Saturday night by the way) while watching a documentary.

On Sunday morning, we accompanied them to the train station and poked around at the farmer's market for a bit while we waited, where they got a kick out of "pickles on a stick" and I couldn't resist a stunning bouquet of wildflowers that came prearranged in a glass mason jar for just $5.

After they left, Tiho and I enjoyed a leisurely Sunday afternoon complete with a nap and a tennis game where I was highly distracted by an adorable bunny rabbit gathering grass just outside the fence. (S)he was fearless and allowed us to creep within feet to snap a few photos. That moment made me really conscious of how much I love living here, where the cicadas buzz crazily in the trees and the sweet smell of fresh-cut grass is just an open window away. I still adore the city, but there's something to be said about country (who am I kidding, suburban) living.


  1. Those flowers are stunning. The colours are just my cup of tea!

  2. That was the greatest pickle on a stick I've ever had! Made better by the fabulous couple who introduced them to us. We had such a great weekend! Thanks, Kayla and Tiho!

    P.S.- I've been trying to hunt down that website with the sweet quotes on wood squares. Thoughts?

  3. this hun is my dream- to one day post something like this- I love nyc but I think I'm beginning to grow out of it. I want to hear cicadas buzz and smell the beautiful scent of fresh-cut grass ^_^


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